De-Icing and Sprayers

Schmidt Lava Storm for treating ice layers on roads

Ice layers cause serious problems for gritting operations. They occur mostly in stagnant or slow moving traffic when gritting is difficult or near impossible. The Nido Lava Storm attacks these ice layers with a combination of treatments. A heavy snow plow in front of the truck removes snow and ice remnants. This is followed by the powerful rotary broom which clears any loose debris. The remaining ice layer is being treated with a hot calcium solution which is injected under high pressure. This makes the Schmidt Lava Storm a true combination machine.  Not only can it be used in emergency situations but it can also be used for regular winter maintenance.



Schmidt traffic jam sprayer for de-icing during rush hour

Especially for fighting slipperiness during traffic jams in winter conditions Aebi Schmidt has developed the Schmidt traffic jam sprayer. This spraying machine can spray brine from the emergency lane under the slow-moving or stationary vehicles. This is done by use of special projecting nozzles. It allows up to 9 meters spraying distance (3-lanes). The traffic jam sprayer is a towed spraying machine which easily can be coupled behind a car or other vehicle. Moreover, the machine can also be used as a "normal" spraying machine for winter maintenance.



Mobile spraying technique on train wagons which dump ballast at the track

The dumping of ballast (gravel) between railroad tracks creates huge amounts of dust. This poses serious risks for employees, neighbors and the environment. This threat is highly reduced thanks to the Aebi Schmidt mobile spaying solution where water is sprayed during dumping of ballast material by using special nozzles.


Automatic spraying of bridge decks

Especially for locations that freeze over quickly Aebi Schmidt has developed an automatic stationary spraying system. It automatically starts a de-icing action based upon data like surface temperatures and percentages of residual salt on the road. Because of the fact that bridges are more prone to freezing than their surrounding roads, this solution proved to be very efficient. Also there is no need to send an individual spreading or spraying machine to this often remote locations.




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