Wyposażenie dla podwozi samochodów ciężarowych

Vehicle equipment - for lorries as carrier vehicles


Basic equipment for commercial vehicles: Schmidt is once again here to meet your every need.

If you are looking for a partner with global experience that has been developing first class winter maintenance solutions with its customers for decades, then you've come to the right place: with our numerous ploughs and spreaders, we do not just sell devices that are being used all over the world; we also offer our customers all of the necessary components for their assembly and drive. This is also an area in which we have developed numerous innovations that have come to be seen as standards and benchmarks in the industry.

With Schmidt as your partner, you have a strong company that will help you to kit out each of your commercial vehicles so that they are ready for winter service, all the time adhering to individual requirements.


Our basic equipment offers you the reliability and flexibility that your commercial vehicles need to complete winter maintenance.

So that you can achieve maximum efficiency in your daily winter maintenance work, Schmidt offers high-quality attachment solutions to help you overcome every imaginable challenge. Moreover, you can rely on our customized system solutions, which can be integrated smoothly and seamlessly into your individual winter maintenance philosophy.

Schmidt's high-performance hydraulic systems are used in many different types of vehicles because of their outstanding safeness and reliability as well as their high efficiency. Also the easy maintenance and quick repair thanks to the use of standard components are the big advantages of our hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic systems



The efficient drive for a snow plough OR a spreader OR a reflector post washer.

Our high-performance one-circuit hydraulic systems are perfect for economically and safely operating a spreader OR a snow plough with all its functions, including load relief.

With this system, which is powered via a very reliable belt drive or motor PTO, you have hydraulic power both when the vehicle is standing still and when the vehicle is moving. Depending on what you want to use the system for, gear pumps in various sizes are available in order to ensure that the required conveying power is available at all times at the lorry's speed rating.

Please note that in order to be able to run a hydraulic system, you must have a motor dependent PTO or belt drive, i.e. should you order a new vehicle, the basic vehicle must be equipped with the relevant equipment code for the motor PTO!



Drive for a snow plough AND a spreader.

The two-circuit hydraulic system: with the help of this system, you can power a snow plough AND a spreader at the same time, again including load relief. Particularly worthy of note is the fact that both hydraulic circuits are independent from one another, meaning that both the plough and the spreader can reach their required capacity without being hindered by the other device!

The two-circuit hydraulic system is driven by a pulley or the manufacturer-specific motor PTO. Naturally, these have been approved by the vehicle manufacturers.



Maximum flexibility in use, high level of efficiency, more sustainability.

If you want to achieve the best possible operating flexibility from your vehicle, we would recommend that you opt for an LS hydraulic system. The system is based on a load sensing (LS) pump with which you can drive and operate various attachable and demountable devices such as front and lateral snow ploughs, spreaders, tippers, cranes etc. particularly efficiently. Here, the LS pump is driven by the lorry-specific motor PTO.

The particular advantage of an LS system is the constant conveying power, which is automatically adapted to the requirements of the individual device. If no hydraulic power is required, the LS pump automatically sets the lowest power setting. Thanks to this regulation of conveying volume requirements, losses of power are kept to a minimum, considerably reducing fuel consumption and associated emission levels.

Thanks to the high level of dynamism of our LS hydraulic systems, you are guaranteed the shortest possible reaction times for every operation. Whilst offering a high degree of versatility, the systems also offer a high level of operational reliability and stability.




Perfectly adapted to meet the highest requirements, right down to the last detail.

Schmidt offers diverse components that are not only optimally adapted to hydraulic systems but will win you over with every detail. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.



Choose between constant and LS pumps, each with individually set performance data.


Control units

Control units allow centralised and efficient control and regulation of attachable and demountable devices. There are various functions to choose from for operating ploughs: relief, leakage oil-free positioning, shock protection of the swivel cylinders or regulation of lowering speed. In addition, the units have a function that allows the oil supply for the spreader to be switched on and off and are equipped with corrosion-protected AMP TYPE connectors.



So that any impurities can be deposited in a targeted manner, Schmidt uses very generously sized tank units. In order to avoid foam building up, our tanks are also equipped with large out-gas areas. Furthermore, the tanks have optimised suction areas that prevent dirt from being sucked in and minimise suction losses. Other features include return filter units, baffles and efficient temperature and level monitoring.



The cooler units are optimally adapted to the relevant hydraulic systems. These are particularly small, space-saving units including temperature-dependent, electronic air supply regulation.



In terms of coupling, you can choose between flat face plug-in couplings in accordance with DIN EN 15431, standard plug-in couplings, screw couplings or multi-couplers.


Other components

Ask about our protective cover for the front mounting plate, our lateral plough mounting plates and our many hydraulic connections for various attachable and demountable devices.





Standardised, safe, flexible – and even comfortable to use.

All of Schmidt's globally approved mounting plates are of course standardised in accordance with DIN EN 15432 and DIN 76060. Our adapted attachment solutions also come with a manufacturer's clearance certificate (UBB).

On request, integration of intelligent sensor technology is also possible. This allows the attached plough to automatically switch to winter lighting.

Plate designs in accordance with special country-specific regulations are also possible on request. Simply get in touch!




A high level of versatility for your snow ploughs and spreaders.

The device can be raised, lowered and swiveled to the left or right using the snow plough operating unit. In addition, you can choose whether you want to switch on the floating position or not. The plough is automatically raised when the vehicle is put into reverse.

Furthermore, there is an integrated "load relief system": this ensures that only part of the plough's weight is resting on the road, providing efficient protection for both the device and the road surface! A further option is a joystick to control plough functions. Schmidt's control panel combines maximum functionality and optimum ergonomics; the buttons are large, raised, very visible and provided with functional lighting, offering the driver maximum orientation in every situation, thus leading to a high level of operating safety.

So that users can control the device even from outside the driver's cabin, the control panel also has a mobile control unit with a spiral cable; this also ensures a high degree of flexibility of use.


Wireless control system connection between the lorry cab and de-mountable spreader.


Our control panels CX and CL with an optional extension packages Comfort and Comfortplus for de-mountable spreaders:

These new wireless control units in the Comfort and Comfortplus versions allow more comfort and efficiency. As the usual cable connections between the lorry cab and spreader are no longer needed, mounting and dismounting is made easier and operational readiness is increased.

The control system comprises of two modules, one on the de-mountable spreader and the other in the driver's cabin. Communication between the two modules is wireless, via a Bluetooth connection. Using the CX and CL control panels, all spreader functions can be set and regulated, from spreading width to spreading quantity to wet salt composition. This professional control system allows data to be collected using a memory card as well as allowing connections with Thermologic (carriageway temperature dependent spreading) and Autologic (GPS-controlled spreading with route guidance) systems.



Guaranteeing the safety you need.

At Schmidt, you can get your winter maintenance lighting either on the roof or on the front of the H7 model. Furthermore, we offer additional lighting, including brackets for headlights on the cabin roof for all common models of lorry. Of course, all Schmidt designs comply with STVZO [German motor vehicle approval regulation] and ECE R48.

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