Railway technology

Beilhack has been synonymous for 170 years with quality and a pioneering spirit when it comes to snow clearance and is considered in particular to be the world’s leading specialist in track clearance. Together with an expert team of engineers, technicians and fitters, we undertake challenging new assignments as well as performing complex overhauls or modifications. We are willing to travel any distance to do this. We even undertake assignments in the USA, Russia or in Asia. We are happy to advise our customers on the logistics for transporting the equipment to or from our factory in St. Blasien.


Our services:

• New construction and new development of snow blowers and ploughs
• Repair and restoration
• Modernization and reconstruction (more information)
• Service and spare parts supply
• Training
• Logistics advice


Some references:

  • MGBahn (Switzerland) – restoration und partly new constuction of a 50 years old selfpropelled  snow blower. 
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  • Jernbaneverket Transport (Norway) - restoration of two Beilhack snow blower; modernization of the traction vehicles


  • Training and instruction for 8 snow blowers together with Plasser & Theurer as traction vehicles for TCDD (Turky)


  • New construction of 2 snow blowers together with Plasser & Theurer for HŽ PUTNIČKI PRIJEVOZ (Croatia)


Your contact:

Stefan Kaiser

Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH

Albtalstrasse 36

DE-79837 St. Blasien

Email: Stefan.Kaiser2@aebi-schmidt.com


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